Yet another list that features my name.

Yes, I love seeing my name in lists (that doesn’t come often times) because it marks an achievement. Another thumbs up from sea of rejections.

As I have said in my past post, I auditioned for the ChE Chorale and the results were released…. *dandandandan* I’m back to my choir career. It is really one of my passions, to sing in a choir since I have no guts to sing alone. And this made me really happy. :)

Goodnight ♡

Perks of being a PARC

You get to be a model and star in a commercial for ChES’ sponsors.
Yep, here, we’re endorsing the AUCHEEDS shirt. It’s actually my first time since I didn’t get to attend in other shoots last summer and it was fun. I really love doing things like this.

(C)Pauline May Losaria

Went to the airport today because Papa’s here again!! *yayy* Thank God for Pop’s safe arrival.

Outfit for today since at first it was hot then it rained so I have to put on this knitted cardigan.

Just updated my blog. Will post about my beauty haul soon when I got the time. Hihi, have a good night everyone. xx

Credits to my sissy for the photo.

I haven’t been updating much the past days for the fuzz of the first days haven’t died yet along with the stream of activities that I have engaged in in my continuing small services in my organization. Not only that though. The enthusiasm of being with my college friends and dormies hasn’t faded yet. (Look who has a lot of money!) Yeah, I’ve been poor lately because of too much food trips around UST that I can’t say no to. HUHU. My money’s running out but tomorrow’s Friday already so it means that I’d get to have allowance renewal next week. YAY! But this time I’m going to resist the urge. *save for summer trip* Enough with all my nonsense talk. I’ll be bullet-ing thingies that I want to share with you.

i. Did you know that I have decided AGAIN to join another (how would I call it?) sub-org in my mother org (HAHA). It is something that I could shout out to the world as one of my endearing passion since HS.Can you guess it? Yeah, it’s singing. Soooo, I auditioned for the ChE Chorale and I was able to receive unbelievably great feed backs from higher years who watched my audition and I was like, OMG, I hope I pass *crossed-fingers*

ii. Helping with the membership drive and ushering in the AUCHEEDS. Tagging along Ate AC in touring ChE students from UP Diliman around UST. My favorite part, though, was the open lab. It got me super excited to get my hands on them in the near future.

iii. ‘Let’s Be’ freebies. Kenneth and I got 3 coffees of different flavors and one book just by writing a caption for “Let’s Be______________” and posing in the photobooth. I wrote “Let’s Be LESBIE” and maybe people thought I was lesbie though I just wanted my phrase to be rhyming. HAHAHA. Anyway, I cannot find where they uploaded the photos but I hope I would stumble upon that photo any day soon. HAHAH.

iv. Been addicted to cheesecake and I ate the cookies and cream cheesecake, I think, from Starbucks last night and it’s sooooo yummeh. 

v. Goofin’ with my frieeeeends inside the classroom after the Prof dismissed us and taking selfies after taking photos of the lecture.

I guess that’s all.



“Tell me what happens the first time you see a woman naked.”

“The first time you see a woman naked will not be like you imagined. There will be no love, no trust, no intimacy. You won’t even be in the same room as her.

You won’t get to smile as she undresses you and you undress her. You won’t…

Re-reading old books from my bookshelf. 😃😄😆

Fazed and dazed. But at any rate, this week’s a whirl of a lot of things happy and sad.

▪ Invaded by people we ought to get to know in the coming days of the semester. I’m in a happy place right now considering the possibility of circle extension with new people I’ve yet to interact.

▪ Such a hard life with no internet. Relay of my article had been very difficult (I’m not even done with it yet) but I hope my first one would be great.

▪ No electricity is such a huge ohnoes. It’s hard to have to watch your phone die along with the last fading lights of the day.

▪ No flood but with great damage when typhoon Glenda hit. I was never prepared losing trees let alone the people losing their homes that did not withstand the intensity of the winds that swept through our places. It’s a shock, the extent of what it left a lot of people and I’m now thankful for my family and friends’ safety.

▪ Seeing a glimpse of the industry for the first time. Meeting people with same interest as ours is like wow. I never knew being a Chemical Engineer would be this cool, I feel like a nerd but a cool nerd.

▪ Meeting new friends! Paul, PJ and Recy are our new friends.

▪ Glimpse of hardcore subjects this sem and I’m mindblown but I’ll give a second glance to see if it will be easier. Hahaaa

Will be blogging about more things happy when I get home. (Oops, huhu no electricity at home but I need to get home ;() Anyway, soon.
I just had the chance of an internet now and Hi to everyone!
Have a great weekend! ♡


Anonymous told me:

Thank youuuu! Enjoy ang first day ♡♡♡

Girl’s Day Out Before School Starts

A tummy-filled day before the hassle reality of school come by and knock on our door tomorrow morning.

I have been craving for cheesecake for quite some time now and I had the satisfaction of patting my tummy to its fullness when I had this Snicker thingy cheesecake at Bannapple. *yum*. And of course, I tasted the other cakes and the Bannoffee cake is just *no words*. Just that it’s a must try. I ‘m just a picky eater when it comes to cakes and that one along with my cheesecake caught my tastebuds.

I have a thing with pastas so I can’t let go of this opportunity to have one even though I’m already full with the sweets. We ordered Creamy Cheese Penne(?) and Fettucine Magnifico (sorry, I’m not good with names.) Thumbs up for these though I liked the first one better because I don’t really have a thing with garlic, just garlic bread*yum*.

Enjoyed the day while we can still grasp our time . But still looking forward for more foodventures with my girls.

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Imma sleep now, first day tomorrow, I meaan later. Goodluck on your first day fellow Thomasians! Mwa.xx
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